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Workplace change show! The OL sisters all love to work with mix to a chaos dressing "embarrassing" season, difficult to grasp the time difference, we also began to dress for fashion But, confused… Fine, it is time to play the fashionable wind mix. If you have to dress up already did not have any office fresh, look at today’s content, see the OL sisters in this season is how to mix and match a nice work eye-catching outfit, to look for inspiration! Personality "wear" dress gradually cool climate, to dress in a more suitable for playing, also be nothing difficult to mix. And formal, simple assembly together, not only to show a sense of hierarchy, full of charm. Dress shirt, T-shirt collocation low-key and stylish, and after the autumn with a coat, windbreaker, let this autumn become out of the ordinary. Suspender skirt by the tide of the people of all walks of life, so that the dress becomes clever personality full. Don’t know how to set up a sister paper, quickly look at these beautiful demonstration! Want to become a workplace goddess, may wish to learn Alexa Chung collocation a simple white shirt printed sling dresses, daily wear shirts in the formation of a strong contrast with the luxurious dress, simple reveal a luxury. Flowers dress Neon Rose $115 white shirt cuff fork Pendant BC $992 (all available in the fashion diary APP platform) pajamas wind this year so the fire, also can wear to work! Silk dress suspenders wayward and white T-shirt and jeans ride together, show the beauty of the whims of pace. The purple shirt + color wide stripe suspenders skirt, gorgeous color, help you the United States and the United States to grab the lens. Entering the workplace can dress collocation with sister paper taro such as purple shirt, without losing the little girl cute. Romantic bow ribbon shirt, with the wavelet collocation of decoration, dress, pantyhose, sweet. The popularity of the office workplace Mack daddy 4 blue butterfly dress shirt style English Factory $158 black low cut knitted vest skirt English Factory $174 (all available in the fashion journal APP platform) a short hair girl can even go cool route Girl, "the dog" + Sunglasses near the body, who would dare give you "rookie" label. "Junk" white shoes white shoes Street fire but when the Big Star Cafe, to tide fashion editors a pair of hands. Commuter equipment plus a pair of white shoes, you immediately trendy stylish, white shoes rotten is not afraid, because this year is to put it through the old to wear stylish! Wide leg pants with white shoes is really fashionable, quite handsome aura, high-heeled shoes you white shoes, comfortable and fan children oh! White coat + + color stripe T-shirt pencil skirt, white shoes at the foot of the other will undoubtedly add a sense of youth, the people are more alive. Casual striped shirt + white seven wide leg pants, red scarf with white feet, break the boring work. Loose Gray Striped T-shirt Glamorous $187 white wide leg pants Neon Rose $134 (all available in the fashion diary APP platform) soon 9相关的主题文章:

Another baby lying on the bed! Mothers do not let the baby lying on the bed – Sohu maternal and chil aizi

Another baby lying on the bed! Don’t let mother baby pashui baby – Sohu at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, Taiwan Miaoli County, a mother and as usual, going to call 9 month son to get up when feeding, suddenly found the baby out of the original position, lying on the quilt, purple lips, after the hospital died. Local police said the cause of death was respiratory tract was suspected Baby Quilt Block, and choked to death, but who has no trauma. In fact, this kind of event is not the first place, Wuhan before a mother saw her 66 day old son prone sleep is good, will be adjusted to the prone sleeping position, go to busy housework, never thought about 1.5 hours after the baby has died of suffocation. Why adults seem accustomed to sleeping will have such a big risk to the baby? The main reason is that the baby’s head is relatively large, the relative lack of strength in the neck, turnover is not the case in time, and is easy to be blocked, pillow towel, especially in the baby unattended, sleep alone cases are more likely to cause sudden death. Therefore, mummy and don’t let the baby tummy to sleep, try to take care of her baby to sleep, avoid long time no one to take care of sleep. The following are some suggestions to avoid sudden sleep sleep. 1 the American Academy of Pediatrics: supine sleep before the age of 1 according to the latest U.S. Pediatric Association recommends that both full-term infants or infants, when the baby sleep time should be supine until one year old, and the side sleeping is not safe, not recommended. Many parents worry about the baby back to sleep, the back of the head will become flat, so occasionally let the baby to take a lie prone posture. However, many studies have pointed out that pashui infants have a higher probability of neonatal death, and the birth of the baby behind the shape is not fixed, 5 ~ 6 months will turn after the probability of head shape quite will adjust, after 1 years old baby, there are only 20% flat, only after the age of 2 only 5%, so parents should be in the baby age is still small, let him keep supine posture, so as not to cause asphyxia and pashui. 2 bedding safety is an important part of a soft mattress, placed in the bed too many small soft pillows or stuffed toys, easy to cause the baby. And the baby bed can not be too close to the window, curtains and heaters, avoid the baby fell out of the window or is accidentally scalded. In the crib selection, gap bed column should be less than 6 cm, the mattress should be void within 2 fingers, in order to avoid the baby’s head or limbs is clamped between the rail and the gap, and the baby bed around the best holes and a cushion, prevent baby fall injury. Sleep will cover the quilt to the baby’s chest to avoid the baby bed to cover your mouth and nose were parents’ bed too far, so it is convenient to parents to see the child’s condition directly from the bed. 3 nipples can reduce risk of a theory that helps to prevent the baby pacifier to stand up to the prone position. Another theory is that the baby pacifier can make my tongue forward, to keep the airway open. In addition to the attention of rooming in different bed. The study found that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome was increased by 40% between maternal and child.相关的主题文章:

Jeep Wrangler offers 60 thousand yuan hardcore off-road King Almighty beself

Jeep Wrangler offers 60 thousand yuan hardcore off-road King Almighty promotion time: 2016.10.9-2016.10.14 2016 Jeep Wrangler 3.0L 75 anniversary tribute edition Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix car editor from the Beijing regional prosperity industry dealers noted that the store is currently Wrangler car type has a large number of cars in the sale, Car Buying can offer 60 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. The price in the table below: Wrangler latest price change table price unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2015 3.0L four door version of the Sahara 45.95 Shu enjoy 40.95 inquiry 5 cars are plentiful 2015 3.6L two door version 42.95 comfortable enjoy Robinhood 48.95 6 2015 car full inquiry 3.6L four door Shu enjoy the 53.95 version of the Robinhood inquiry 47.95 6 cars are plentiful more preferential please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: 010-84349890 2016 Jeep Wrangler 3.0L 75 anniversary tribute Edition: financial policy of insurance, priced at 459 thousand and 500 to 2015 3.0L four door version of the Sahara to enjoy comfortable edition as an example, the first car insurance costs 13 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 180 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 9 thousand yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance fee: Wrangler models enjoy three years or 100 thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 700 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 1000 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Wrangler maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of three years or 100 thousand km maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $700 to replace the oil filter costs about 1000 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 13 thousand yuan Shoufu costs 180 thousand yuan to the specific cost information for reference to the store for accounting tab: Phoenix car > > more details please consult the dealer < < whether a car: Car Dealer Name: Beijing prosperous industry automobile trade limited company address: Dealer Jinzhan East Reed northbound dealers Tel: 010-84349890 (mentioned Phoenix car get the message, you will enjoy better service (this) the market information collected from local dealers, to date, does not represent the behavior of the picture for the car manufacturers making plans, Price information has nothing to do with the location of the picture相关的主题文章:

[Russia] first silk line media capital of Xi’an – International –

[Russia] first silk line media capital of Xi’an – International – October 14 Xi’an Xinhua (Chen Si) composed of Russian mainstream media reporters of the Silk Road between China and Russia "14 media journalists came to the first stop of the ancient capital of Shaanxi city of Xi’an Province, visit the historic and modern city of harmony. Reporters learned that the majority of Russian members are first came to Xi’an, some Chinese members are not familiar with the city. In order to close to the perception of the charm of Xi’an, China and Russia first interview reporter visited the ancient city wall, Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Hui Street, big wild goose pagoda square music fountain etc.. Bondarenko, a Russian newspaper reporter, in the ancient city wall, listened very carefully to the explanation of the staff, she praised the protection of historical and cultural heritage of, plus the work of the Xi’an. The ancient city wall of Xi’an is China the largest and best preserved ancient city wall, vice governor of Shaanxi province Wang Lixia pointed out, "Xi’an city wall is immovable cultural heritage", is the pride of Xi’an. Talking about the street impression, Russia Today International News Agency reporter Katz Lo Va? Julia said, everything here reminds her of the Spanish Barcelona scene, businesses shouted with laughter in the bustling tourists, but also has the national characteristics. The delegation also went to Xi’an West Ham District, "Changan" international freight trains, such as Xi’an International Studies University, focusing on international trade, cultural exchanges and other issues, to fully tap the Xi’an as "the new starting point of the Silk Road" and the energy. 2016-2017 Sino Russian media exchange year". As an important part of the exchange year, consisting of China international broadcasting station, Xinhua news agency,, Central People’s broadcasting station, Chinese daily and Russia today international news agency, the Russian newspaper and other media reporters "the Silk Road between China and Russia Russia" all media interviews China activities started in Beijing on the 11. Share to: (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章:

The Construction Bank to seriously investigate and discipline problems of the first half of t

Construction Bank: seriously investigate and discipline problems of   the first half of the disciplinary punishment 139 people – Politics – in Beijing in October 8, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, China Construction Bank China Commission for Discipline Inspection Based on accountability and discipline supervision, adhere to the problem oriented, focus on building the "found the problem, severely punished, warning notification" to discipline regulations "trilogy". Big eyes to find the problem, using a variety of ways, a variety of channels to find violations of discipline clues. Smooth mass petition reporting channels, in strict accordance with the five disposal disposal of complaints and reports, the first half of this year, the bank reported 594 letters were received, involving seven level (deputy director) cadres petition report, unified organization Verification Commission reported to the head office. Adhere to the functional orientation of political inspections, the head office set up five inspection teams, the establishment of a total of 37 branches of the inspection system, each line according to the actual situation of the establishment of 1-4 inspection teams. In a County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of supervision organizations at the grass-roots level in Discipline Inspection commissioners, to clean government and supervision and discipline of accountability, the Ombudsman to reach 2173 people, be close to the line, found the problem, an important force to strengthen supervision. China Construction Bank to implement the main responsibility of the Party committee to the decomposition of various departments, clear the various departments must promptly to discipline inspection and supervision departments found violations of discipline clues. The first half of this year, the entire line of conversation letter consultation 95 people, of which the head office departments and branches of the main person in charge of 17 passengers. Given disciplinary punishment 139 people, among them, light punishment Party of 114 passengers, 25 passengers and heavy punishment. Serious violations of the alleged crime of personnel, resolutely transferred to judicial organs, the first half of a total of 6 people transferred. At the same time, adhere to the strict line of conduct, in violation of the rules and regulations of the Construction Bank strictly conduct verification processing, the first half to give administrative sanctions 2223 passengers. Increase the intensity of the notification, to investigate the issue of violation of discipline, the principle of a branch should be informed of the investigation and management of the head office of cadres and major typical problems, by the head of the Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin. During the visit, the bank held a "strictly positive wind Su Ji" warning education assembly, informed of the investigation of the scene more than 40 discipline problems, giving names, people see things, and strengthen the deterrent. The establishment of the normalization of discipline violation notification mechanism, this year, 4 batches of notification from the disciplinary problems, the formation of accountability, for example, the effect of a piece of education 9. (Zhang Yuke, Zongli commissioning editor: 8)相关的主题文章: